Luxury Fort Living Re-Imagined

An award winning private villa in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Galle Fort. The Galle Fort boasts award winning boutique hotels, excellent restaurants, cafes & shops and is situated just minutes away by tuk tuk to Sri Lanka's palm fringed beaches, and is a short walk to the Galle International cricket ground. With 3 en-suite a/c double rooms, 3 members of staff including a private chef, cocktail bar, artisanal tea and coffee, billiard table, SONOS music system, WiFi, Apple TV, PS4 & amazing swimming pool,
"41" persuades you to stay in.

Behind the Walls

Sneak a peak behind the walls of Galle Fort's "sexiest" villa, as voted by Tatler. 41 has undergone a series of renovations over the past 15 years,
discovered in a derelict state in 2002.


41 is rented as either a 1, 2, or 3 bedroom house, with rates set according to guests' requirement.
We accept 1 night bookings except during 'Peak' periods and all rates are inclusive

1 Double
Max 2 people
US $200 - US $460
2 Doubles
Max 4 people
US $300 - US $690
3 Doubles
Max 6 people
US $400 - US $805

Explore Galle

Galle Fort
Let us help you explore the magical Galle
Fort, its boutiques, bars and restaurants.
Stick Fishing
A favorite pastime of fishermen along the Galle
coastline, let us help you find the best beaches,
beach bars, and surf spots.
Whale Watching
Some of the best Blue Whale spotting on the planet
just miles off the coast of Galle. Let us help you
explore the deep blue.